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sparking possibility, motivation and momentum.

Our workshops help to accelerate change and buy in amongst your leaders and organisation.  We support your leaders to extend their impact and influence both within and outside your organisation.


Below are our workshops. We are always happy to develop bespoke workshops tailored to the needs of your organisation and leadership team.

To find out our full range of services offered to organisations - download our Corporate Services brochure.



​It’s natural to think change in the workplace is a bad thing. Change can be daunting, scary, it removes us from our comfort zone. You know… that familiar zone we all want to live in forever!

While some are eager to get back to normal, businesses can see that many employees may want to permanently adopt some degree of flexible or hybrid working when workplaces are now reopening.

Changing working practices isn’t easy – there’s a lot to consider, and it can be difficult to know where to start.

But change is good and sometimes also inevitable. In this workshop, we investigate and explain why any change in your organisation has positive outcomes. We’re also going to explore the kinds of changes you’re likely to come across and why these changes can be good for you and your work and why change can be embraced too. Say YES to CHANGE!


This is great for:

Helping individuals understand why we fear change and to learn how to see change as an opportunity

Management and employees alike

Any department / team struggling with change

Any area facing an upcoming or current change

Anyone struggling with getting into a positive change mindset

In this workshop we will explore:

  1. The psychology behind why we fear change

  2.  Workplace change and how we can embrace it

  3.  A short exercise on how we have all experienced change in our lives and have adapted/embraced it

  4. Reframing our resistance to change


Feedback from the session:


“Thank you very much, the positivity that came through was great. Taking ownership of the situation and putting a positive spin on it really helps your mental health.”



Stop being so modest!


This workshop is a safe place for your staff and leaders to understand their strengths and finally start shouting about them.


This will show you ways to speak up about your skills and how to tailor your online presence to turbo charge your career development, and stand out.

It is perfect for people in the hunt for their dream career, wanting to develop within their organisation or considering the next step in their career - helping them to show off their skills.

A Q&A will follow this interactive workshop.


✔ Building confidence

✔ Learn how to grow in your career

✔ How to increase your presence online

✔ Understand your career development style to build your dream career

Feedback from the session:


“Liz x General Assembly was once again a success! Thank you Liz for the 'Career Growth' event, everyone has left with many tips and tricks - If you need a boost, I could not recommend going to one of Liz's events enough!”
Pauline Pham, Event & Marketing Associate, General Assembly


How to think like an entrepreneur!


For budding entrepreneurs, the major transition isn’t leaving their job – it’s the shift in mindset needed to move from employee to running their own business.


Join us for this workshop, that will cover:


  • 5 key mindset changes and characteristics of successful entrepreneurs

  • Pitfalls – how to avoid "business banana skins"

  • Kickstart the shift


Perfect for Budding entrepreneurs, ‘corporate escapees’ and anyone considering starting their own business.


Are you ready to switch up your mindset from Employee to Entrepreneur? 


✔ Increase your impact as an entrepreneur

✔ Kickstart a successful entrepreneur mindset

✔ Identify the 5 mindset shifts of successful entrepreneurs

Liz is very generous with her time and knowledge and good fun to be around! Her bubbly personality and sense of humour make every encounter fun and she has lots of experience and insights to help new and growing businesses. She will definitely help you spark success!
- Tiffany Hardy, Producer / Director, Founder of V!TSOL Media
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Read about our full range of services - download our Corporate Services brochure.

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