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I'm Liz Hamlet - Founder of Spark Succeed - I'm a Success Coach, Business Mentor and Motivational Speaker. 

I host the "How to Spark Success" podcast and co-host the "Lockdown... and THEN what?" interactive podcast series with Jose Ucar.

My goal is to help clients identify what success means for them, and work with them to spark their success.

From the testimonials, you'll see I am very personable, easy to connect with and build relationships easily. I have the ability to see potential and possibility anywhere. I'm a connector.

My greatest gift? - The ability to see the spark of potential in everything and everyone, and to inspire others to see it, too. I know life is limited only by the boundaries of your own beliefs, and I’m driven to help my clients push the limits of what they thought possible, to spark their success.

I qualified as a Life Coach in 2002 and have 18 years experience in coaching and mentoringI have extensive experience as a strategic leader across a number of sectors (both Public & Private sector) - Investment Banking, Housing and Travel.  

We provide 1-1 Success Coaching, Corporate Coaching & Consulting, and am available as a Guest Speaker and MC/Event Host.


  • Certificate in Life Coaching & NLP (Nov 2002)

  • Professional Life Coaching Diploma (Jan 2019)

  • Professional Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Diploma (Feb 2019)

  • Professional Decluttering & Organising Business Diploma (May 2020)

I am Contributing Writer in Thrive Global and Medium, writing articles on work life balance, coaching and wellbeing.


Tasia Valenza

EMMY Award winning voiceover artist & actor. Co-Founder of Haven Affirmation app.


Success looks and feels very different to each of us. 


Our approach is personalised to you and your business. Identifying what success means to you, defining clear goals, keeping you moving forward and motivated.  We will support you to identify and address what is holding you back from achieving your success.


Success coaching for leaders and business owners helps ignite the fire of management and leadership for those on verge of stagnation or burn out.

We use a unique blend of success coaching and business mentoring to support and guide you in developing a more structured approach to your business and future success. As your coach and mentor, our goal is to share our knowledge and expertise to assist you to realise your potential


We help spark your success! Tailoring 1-1 and corporate coaching packages to your needs. Contact us to find out more.