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Welcome! ... Introducing The Strategic Founder

Taking you from CONFUSED to CONFIDENT - gaining clarity on the next steps that will amplify your impact, growth and revenue.

🟡 Do you have groundbreaking ideas, amazing products and services, yet find yourself hesitating to take the next big step?

🟡 Are you lost in the fog of confusion on what your business is missing to take you to your next revenue goal?

🟡 Has your confidence been knocked?

🟡Are you struggling with "comparisonitis" and imposter syndrome, believing everyone else has got it sussed (except you)?
Working at home
Thanks so much for your support Liz.  I've been able to get clearer on the systems and processes I need in order to keep growing as a leadership coach and you also helped me zone in on new opportunities too!


It's time to shatter those barriers...
... by bringing together business strategy know-how with your CEO mindset

Embrace your (and your business') full potential with The Strategic Founder - a transformative 1-1 program designed exclusively for ambitious service based founders like you.
You'll get crystal clear on...
... your business strategy,  your next steps and opportunities you can capitalise on.

Go from confused to confident for more impact, growth and revenue with The Strategic Founder - a six week program which will unravel your strategy & mindset conundrums!
Who is it for?

The Strategic Founder is for you if you're a founder, CEO or solopreneur aiming to scale your business, but you're struggling with getting out of the trenches of your operations, getting clarity on your business strategy and feeling like everyone else (and their dog!) have it sussed except you.

If this is you, you're probably struggling with:

Short term focu
s - You're constantly bogged down by day-to-day operational tasks, neglecting long-term strategic planning.

Lack of clear vision - You're having difficulty articulating a clear vision for your company's future, making it challenging to set strategic goals and direction.

Reactive decision making - You react to immediate problems rather than proactively planning and making decisions based on long-term goals.

Tactical overload - You're overwhelmed with tactical activities like sales, marketing and customer service, leaving you little time for strategic thinking and planning.

Fear of failure - You are afraid of making mistakes and failure, meaning you are risk averse and reluctant to take bold strategic actions.

Imposter syndrome & comparisonitis - You're intimidated by others who you perceive to be more knowledgeable and successful than you.

Lack of clarity & confidence in your offering - an offshoot of the above!

Inability to delegate effectively - If you have a team, you're not delegating effectively, resulting in either micro management or "hands off" leadership due to your lack of confidence, which hampers scalability and growth.

Neglecting your own self development - Due to your dedication (time and energy!) to your business, you've not invested in your own person and professional development as a founder, neglecting the skills necessary for strategic thinking and leadership.

This is leading to you...

❌ Failing to win clients.

❌ Having a revenue ceiling, that you can't seem to go beyond.

❌ Being stuck undercharging due to your lack of clarity and confidence in your offering and the transformation this leads to for your clients.

❌ Limiting
 your services (whilst well received) to too few clients.

❌ Swapping time for money - and reaching a limit on how much time you have to take on new clients.

❌ Feeling the fear - resulting in you avoiding taking big action and staying stuck in the weeds of the day-to-day.
This isn't for you if...

You're happy with your level of growth and don't see the value of working with a Certified Business Strategist.

You don't believe you're capable of more.

're not willing to put the work in to make the changes.
How does it work?
The Strategic Founder provides everything you need to step into your CEO mindset and get crystal clear on the strategy to reach your business goals.

During this 6 week 1-1 VIP program with our founder, Liz Hamlet (Certified Business Strategist & coach) you'll benefit from 1-1 strategy sessions which will help you unravel both your business strategy and mindset conundrums.

6 x weekly 60 minute 1-1 Strategy sessions with Liz (see weekly focus below)

🟡 A pre- and post- program self assessment (aimed at identifying the progress and wins you have made)

🟡 Mini audit (pre-first session) of your website & LinkedIn offering

🟡 Business strategy tools used during your strategy sessions - helping to uncover the areas to double down on and "as yet undiscovered" opportunities.

🟡 Email / Whatsapp support (9am-5pm Mon-Fri) for the duration of the 6 week program.

Work Desk


Digging deep into what's been holding you back from switching on your CEO mindset.

Week 1


Revisiting the foundations of your business & ensuring you're still navigating in your right direction.

Week 2


Analysing the processes & operations of your business with a view to your business growth aspirations.

Week 3


Assessing the wider environment in which your business sits & market research.

Week 4


Building & expanding your team. Looking at business culture, buy in and expansion.

Week 5


Considering your pricing, sales strategy and sales planning to reach your target clients.

Week 6
What results can you expect?
👍Clarity of vision - Gain a clear understanding of your long-term vision for the company, along with specific strategic objectives to achieve that vision.

👍Flexing your CEO skills and mindset - Developing the ability to think straegically and create actionable plans that align with your business' vision.

👍Strategic decision making - Learning how to make more informed, strategic decisions based on data, analysis and deep understanding of market trends, rather than reacting impulsively to immediate challenges.

👍Adaptability & innovation - Cultivate a mindset of adaptability and innovation, enabling rapid responses to market changes.

👍Personal growth & confidence as a founder - Increasing your confidence as a founder, equipping yourself with the strategic skills and mindset necessary to overcome obstacles and achieve success.

Overall the aim of The Strategic Founder is that you emerge from the program a more strategic, confident and effective service based founder / CEO, ready to lead your business to greater heights of success.

You know you're destined for more and with some external help, you can make this happen!
Why should you listen to me?

Hi, I'm Liz Hamlet.
Don't listen to the fact that I've led departments of 100 staff & been responsible for budgets of over £11.5 million.  Or that I'm a Certified Business Strategist & Coach.
It's not even that through my own business strategy & mindset, I've worked with 100s of founders on their strategy & mindset, become an in-demand speaker & worked with Global brands such as SpaceNK, BA Holidays, Fujifilm, MunichRe, Enterprise Nation, University of Birmingham & more.
It's because I've made mistakes in the past & can help you side step these yourself!:
  • I put out a flood of content without a strategy.
  • I spent hours designing on Canva, without being strategic about whether my services spoke to my audience.
  • I tried to do everything myself without help.
  • I didn't have a clear idea of where I wanted to get to, who I was talking to and what my offering was.
  • I wasted time on too many "networking calls" without a purpose.
  • I held off launches and trying new things that would grow my business due to fear of failure.
What do our clients say?
What's it like working together?
Louise Thompson - Leadership & Career Coach

"Thanks so much for your support Liz. 

I've been able to get clearer on the systems and processes I need in order to keep growing as a leadership coach and also helped me to zone in on new opportunities too!"
Ready to go from confused to confident for more impact, growth & revenue?

Register here to move forward with The Strategic Founder - a six week program which will unravel your strategy & mindset conundrums!
Frequently asked questions 
The program includes a weekly session, is it possible to move this to less frequent?

Whilst the program is designed to keep up the pace and forward momentum with the work, you can move these to less frequent if that better suits your availability.  I'd recommend no more frequent than one session every 2-3 weeks to help you maintain focus on progress and taking action between sessions.

How much time do I need to invest between sessions?

Outside the 1-1 sessions, I'd recommend you set aside 1-2 hours weekly (or between each session if you change the frequency).  This will help you embed the learning and put what we discuss into action for your own business during the course of the program.


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