Lockdown...and THEN what?


Lockdown… and THEN what?

It’s ok to be in lockdown, what’s not ok is to stay forever in lockdown!

We are in physical lockdown at the moment, but is your mind in lockdown as well?

How often is your mind in lockdown regardless of the external circumstances?

Jose Luis Ucar (TedX Speaker, Public Speaking & Communication Coach) and I have come together to co-host the Lockdown...and THEN what? Podcast because we have experienced and seen what can be achieved when we set our mind free and take control over our life, so that we make it happen instead of it happening to us.

Only 10% of the population are really using this time proactively to create what they want. Are you part of that 10%? Would you like to be?

The lockdown is happening outside and it’s down to us to let it into our psyche or not. We decide how to interact with it.

This podcast series is a unique opportunity to #openup and be yourself, to ask all the crazy questions you don’t dare to ask anyone, to vent and gain #newperspectives.

This is #yourspace. This is where you turn #lockdown into anything positive you can possibly imagine.

#REGISTER NOW TO JOIN US FOR EPISODE 1 OF THE LIVE PODCAST – MONDAY 18 MAY at 1PM - https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZwsc-yurzoiGtf2lkTYlIdPUAMSYsOGEfA8

Come with your questions! We want YOU to take part and to get the most out of it


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