How to survive working from home ... and thrive!

Updated: May 11, 2020

Has your company enforced home working?

Your initial reaction? - Great! I can have a lay in!

And how are you feeling after a few days? - Cabin fever starting to set in?

Here are some hints and tips on how to survive (and thrive!) with home working:

Set yourself a routine & make good use of your time - you will be saving yourself some commute time at the moment. Have a think about how you might use this productively. Those parents among you might need to use this time for planning home schooling for your kids. If you're feeling anxious about changes that current arrangements have brought, think about a few minutes of mindfulness and meditation first thing. Or can you use this time to call a more vulnerable family member who would value a friendly conversation?

Get dressed for business - it can be tempting to sit in your PJs or tracksuit. Yes this is comfy, but it often doesn't put us in the mindset for business.

Use technology to keep you connected - unable to hold a networking event or team meeting? I've seen great examples recently of people using video conferencing to connect with the teams. Even having a bit of fun with this - Bring your dog to the "office", singing contests to keep the spirits up. Whatever suits your team!

Eat well - Working from home can often play havoc on your eating habits. Either you're so busy you forget to eat lunch... or, as you're close to the kitchen, you find yourself snacking constantly. Plan a shopping list for meals for the week. Think about things you can bulk cook and have for lunches or dinners the following days.

Keep moving - Many gyms are starting to close. There are great examples of attendees from some of the big crossfit clubs, who are keeping up the workouts online as a group. If you're more of a yoga fan - there are some great online classes such as Five Parks Yoga on Youtube (

If possible, separate your working space - not always possible in a smaller space, but if possible separate off your working space from your relaxing space at home. Either by working from a room or area you can close off at the end of the working day, or by putting away your laptop and papers etc daily. No-one wants to look at something that reminds you of your growing to-do list when you've finished work for the day.

Change your mindset - Knowing you have the ability to change your perspective towards situations is the key for a positive mindset. Imagine if for every negative situation that happens to you, you looked at it as an opportunity to improve and better yourself. A setback is an opportunity for you to recreate yourself - taking this approach is key to turning negative situations into a positive. Each of us are in control of our own thoughts.

Look for opportunities - Now is the time for creativity - rather than look at the threats posed by the current situation, identify what opportunities are present. Is there a chance to collaborate? How can you deliver your services differently? Is there a need created by businesses or consumers by the current times?

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"Show me someone who has done something worthwhile, ad I'll show you someone who has overcome adversity." Lou Holtz

Keep well and SHARE YOUR TIPS below via comments on how you are surviving home working and thriving.

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