How to go from FEAR TO FEARLESS with video content

Are you absolutely terrified of getting in front of the camera?

Are you avoiding using video content for your business?

Worried about the technology?

Video is one of THE BIGGEST impact areas currently for promoting your business and building your brand - especially during lockdown when numbers online have sky rocketed! Think about what your business could achieve if you can overcome your worries and start producing video content.

The research report by Insight6 - How are Business Leaders handling the pandemic? - highlights the core skills leaders wish they had & which would have helped them better navigate the Coronavirus pandemic. Use of video and social media is among the top 10. If you're terrified at the thought of getting in front of your phone or camera to video yourself, here are some tips to help you get over your stage fright:

  • Stage fright – when you think of stage fright you think of nerves and anxiety.  Or excuses not to film a video!  One way to get around this is to Pick one clear intention – What do you hope to achieve with your video? Do you promote a particular service or your bran for example? Your intention is what you should think about when you are getting ready to film the video. A great intention is something SIMPLE.

  • Be aware of your Breathing – when we’re anxious, we take shorter and shallower breaths. Or we might even hold our breath entirely!  We may also speed up our speech, and perhaps even not give ourselves time to breath at all!  Before you start filming, breath in slowly and steadily through your nose, and out through your mouth. Push out your belly with each breath.  This is deep belly breathing and will help you focus and be more centered.

  • Trick Your Body - You can coax your body out of a stress response first by eating some fruit or veggies before you give a presentation. You won’t have the nausea of an empty stomach, but you won’t feel stuffed and sluggish either. Chewing gum works the same way - this massages your jaw to release tension. We often clench our jaw without realising when we are anxious. If you are worried your voice is going to crack when you start to speak on the video, deliver your intro to yourself in the bathroom as a warm up!

For some more hints and tips on how to overcome your fear, learn some technical hints and tips and increase your confidence to take you from FEAR TO FEARLESS to start videoing and promoting your brand, products and services through video content - head over to our free video resource.

If you'd like to get hands on - join us at our Masterclass on Wed 10 June 2020 9am BST.

This online masterclass covers practical tips and tricks on overcoming your nerves and technical advice including prep, setting up, lighting, editing. You will learn about the principles of on screen presence, content, intention, and leave with a plan to get started creating your own video content to promote your business ... So, why wait? Join us on 10 June to gain confidence, learn strategies to conquer stage fright, master new technical skills and learn about the positive impact video content can add to your marketing strategy.

Your Webinar Hosts are Liz Hamlet - Transformational Coach & Business Mentor. Founder of Spark Succeed; and German Ucar - Video Marker & Digital Marketing Strategist - Co-founder of Fun2StartUp

What one step will you take today to start promoting your business through video content?

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