3 reasons you need a Wardrobe Detox

Updated: May 11, 2020

Just as a juice detox cleanses our body, cleansing your personal space of things you no longer have any use for is vitally important for your mental health, inspiring ‘new beginnings’ and a fresh start.

So what are some of the reasons you need a Wardrobe Detox?:

1) You've got a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear

So many clothes, yet you are struggling to find something to wear. With a packed full wardrobe and drawers, it's hard to match up outfits and to find what you need.

2) You feel overwhelmed by your wardrobes and drawers - you don't know where to start!

Everything is packed in. You're dragging clothes out of your wardrobe. Drawers are bursting at the seams. You end up grabbing the same few outfits at hand.

3) Your wardrobe is full of items that need adjusting - that don't quite fit right, need taking up, the cut isn't flattering etc

You grab a top - try it on. You're not quite happy with it - pulling it and readjusting. You decide it doesn't look quite right. You put it back in your wardrobe, only to go through the same cycle a while later. You have a pile of items you really wanted to get adjusted, but just haven't got around to.

Results from a recent Wardrobe Detox (Before - During - After)

The client contacted us as she was feeling overwhelmed with all her clothes and shoes. Having a busy job in the City and juggling day to day life - she couldn't face tackling her wardrobes and drawers alone.

The photos below show the Before - During - After shots from our Half Day Wardrobe Detox session.

With our support, she was able to get rid of a lot of clothes that she was no longer in love with, that didn't fit or she no longer wears. Items she no longer wanted were sorted into "to throw", "to sell" and "to donate". With the extra space created and with our reorganisation, this meant she now has a closet in which she can clearly see all her clothes and shoes, and it is pleasure to put together outfits.

"Thanks to amazing Liz for forcing me to finally face my wardrobe clearing out fears!"




Benefits you'll get from a Wardrobe detox...

1) Space - room to breathe, to see your favourite clothes, to identify any gaps in your capsule wardrobe.

2) Ease - no more wrangling with your clothing. With room created by getting rid of clothes that no longer fit, don't feel good or have simply worn out, you'll be able to find things much easier and it will save you time in the mornings.

3) Money - no more buying clothes you don't need. With your detox, you'll find clothes you no longer want - some of which you will be able to sell.

4) Sense of achievement - there is nothing as satisfying as admiring your organised wardrobe and drawers as a result of your Wardrobe Detox.

5) A wardrobe for the "You today" - no longer holding on to clothes that fit when you were 21, before you had children, that no longer make you feel good or have bad memories. Your new wardrobe will feel lighter and will contain clothes that fit your lifestyle today.

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Liz Hamlet (Founder & Director - Spark Succeed Coaching & Consulting Ltd)


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