2020 round up & how I've helped clients this year

If you're UK based, we're all adjusting to the news that Christmas will be slightly different this year. I hope you stay well and healthy over the period. Here's to welcoming in a new year for 2021! I wanted to start by thanking you for your support over 2020 - it's been a busy year since I launched Spark Succeed in April 2020. I look forward to your continued support in the new year. I feel very lucky to have such a great Spark Succeed tribe! A few Highlights from 2020: 1. Launching 2 podcasts! — sharing the stories and success secrets of savvy business owners - Want some 2021 inspiration? Listen in to How to Spark Success and Lockdown... and THEN What? 2. Guest speaker spots — it's been an honour to speak this year at so many Founder & Entrepreneur communities, Masterclasses, Learning events and networking groups on Switching up your Mindset from Employee to Entrepreneur, Collaborate don't isolate, and how to work ON not in your business. Check out my speaking events. 3. Guest spots on other podcast - I've been invited to speak on a number of other podcasts - many booked for early 2021 - watch this space. You can listen in here to hear more about my personal story, some of the craziest things I've ever done and how I came to be a Success Coach here on the Life, Business & Stuff podcast. 4. Helping the unemployed through COVID - I'm very proud of the volunteering work I did with the Rotary Clubs of Bromley. Launching the Rotary Work Club with free workshops, advice and support to those who either lost their jobs or were at risk of unemployment. Some of the ways I've helped clients in 2020 1. Launching a business after 10 years of dreaming — Being their own boss had been a dream for 10 years. However they were struck by fear and "What if" thinking. By implementing a bespoke mix of coaching and mentoring, by session 3, the client had agreed on a name and niche for the business, increased their self confidence in their ability, registered at Companies House and got clearer on their offer. 2. Improving confidence with leadership and management skills & strategies — having run their own successful business for several years, the client had grown the business taking on contractors. However with no prior leadership or management experience, was struggling with the managerial situations that were presenting themselves. We worked together on leadership strategies, increasing self assurance and positive / assertive ways to approach. 3. Overcoming overthinking and procrastination - a common "affliction" of entrepreneurs. This client found themselves leaving work until the deadline was almost due - as they felt they worked better under pressure. However this did not leave space for any other urgent issues that may arise. Together we unpicked the reasons behind this approach, and worked on alternative techniques - which would reduce stress. 4. Getting clarity on which career direction to move in next - with Lockdown, a lot of people have found they have had some breathing space to think about their career, where they see themselves in the next years, and whether they can get what they need by remaining in their current role or company. I worked with this client to identify motivators, demotivators and what success looks like for them in their career. Using this approach, it enabled the client to get clarity on which direction they would like to move next in their career, and for us to work together on a strategy to get them there. What are your goals for 2021? With such a challenging year for industry and business in 2020, it's more important than ever to set ourselves targets, milestone dates and "success measurements" (What does success look like for us?) - this will allow you to gauge your progress towards your dream (whether that's applying for a promotion, new job, understanding with more clarity the steps required to get you to your goal, to grow or launch your business). Ensure you take action on your idea every day. Complete at least one thing daily to move your idea forward. Build momentum. By setting goals, having a clear (and manageable!) course of actions to get you there, measurements to help you celebrate progress, and a clear direction forward, you're much more likely to achieve these in 2021. Of course, if you'd like some support along the way, I'm here to help! - book a free call. Have a Healthy Christmas and New year - see you in 2021! P.S. Here are a few ways I can help you right now: 1) DREAMING OF SETTING UP YOUR OWN BUSINESS BUT STRUCK BY THE FEAR FACTOR? - Find out more about our Spark Your Start Up 6-session program - helping budding entrepreneurs turn their killer business idea into a reality. Not sure what support you need? - We offer fully bespoke coaching and mentoring programs - tailored to your needs. Book a call to have a chat about your situation and how we can help. 2) DO YOU RUN AN ESTABLISHED BUSINESS BUT FIND IT DIFFICULT TO TAKE A "BIRDS EYE VIEW" TO IDENTIFY WHAT YOU NEED TO DO TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS - it's hard to take a step back, to view your business strategically and ask the tough questions. I CAN HELP you identify key improvement areas & put in place an action plan to take these forward. Let's chat - Book a call. 3) YOU'RE IN A CORPORATE ROLE - HAD TIME TO THINK ABOUT YOUR NEXT CAREER MOVE AND WHERE YOU WANT TO BE IN THE NEXT 1-5 YEARS. YOU'RE AT A CROSSROADS, NOT SURE WHICH DIRECTION TO HEAD - you need help clarify your thoughts, to identify your motivators / demotivators and what "success" looks like for you - I CAN HELP you get crystal clear on your direction and put in place a strategy to get you there. Whether it's a decision about your next step, a promotion, or a change in direction. Let's get your raring to go in your career for 2021 - Book a call

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