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We can help you find the "calm amongst the chaos"!


Home office detox, declutter & organise


Often your desk or workspace is one of the most cluttered spaces, and also where the most work gets done.

You may be struggling to separate your work and home space if you run a business from or work from home.

You may be so busy, that you don't feel you have the time to dedicate to organising your workspace, but feel drowned and overwhelmed by the disorganisation.

Wardrobe detox


So what are some of the reasons you need a Wardrobe Detox?:


1) You've got a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear


2) You feel overwhelmed by your wardrobes and drawers - you don't know where to start!

3) Your wardrobe is full of items that need adjusting - that don't quite fit right, need taking up, the cut isn't flattering etc

Virtual service

We also offer our services virtually, which will include a virtual declutter consultation (via Zoom / Skype / video chat), and providing you with support and strategies to motivate you to successfully tackle the clutter. 

What benefits will you get from our

declutter services?

Benefits of a home office detox


1) You'll have room (physically and emotionally) to concentrate

2) You'll feel more creative (your brain won't be fighting against so many stimuli in your work environment)

3) You'll be in a better mood (it's been proven that clutter has a negative effect on our mood, stress levels and self esteem)

4) You'll focus more clearly on your goals

5) You'll be more productive - no more struggling to find things amongst the clutter.


Benefits you'll get from a Wardrobe detox...


1) Space - room to breathe, to see your favourite clothes, to identify any gaps in your capsule wardrobe.

2) Ease - no more wrangling with your clothing. With room created by getting rid of clothes that no longer fit, don't feel good or have simply worn out, you'll be able to find things much easier and it will save you time in the mornings.

3) Money - no more buying clothes you don't need. With your detox, you'll find clothes you no longer want - some of which you will be able to sell.

4) Sense of achievement - there is nothing as satisfying as admiring your organised wardrobe and drawers as a result of your Wardrobe Detox.

5) A wardrobe for the "You today" - no longer holding on to clothes that fit when you were 21, before you had children, that no longer make you feel good or have bad memories. Your new wardrobe will feel lighter and will contain clothes that fit your lifestyle today.




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