Corporate Coaching

& Consulting

What can corporate coaching help with?

 Corporate coaching works with business owners, leaders and managers to spark their success, remove road blocks and help them achieve their true potential.

Corporate coaching helps:

  • Motivate.

  • Inspire employees to reach organisation and personal development goals.

  • Concentrate on what the employee can contribute towards the success of the business.

  • Support Company values and objectives.

  • Coach new managers and leaders in leadership skills.

  • Commitment towards continuous personal development of management and teams

What consultancy services do we offer?

Based on the outcome your organisation wishes to achieve, we design a bespoke package or process to take your employees or leaders through that tackles the needs of the organisation. 

  • Service / department reviews

  • Service improvement plans

  • Tailored Coaching programmes (1-1 and group)

  • Tailored Training programmes i.e. Developing your career potential including follow up mock interviews and feedback

  • Mentoring




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